When female sexuality http://www.itfuturz.com/mostbet-turkye-canl-bahs-guvenilir-giri/ ends and intimate relationships pass away? Attention, spoiler: no-kog-yes! Here you have a quite scientific view of the question of sex after menopause from a specialist in Chinese medicine, Anna Vladimirova.

I really like the current trend: young women are actively interested and plan their future, study questions of how to maintain health and sexuality over the years. About how your sex will be after menopause, and even when this very menopause comes, you need to think now – during the heyday of strength and capabilities.

Menopause is a reduction in the amount of forces

In Chinese traditional medicine, there is the concept of “qi” – the amount of strength, and when it is reduced, the female body refuses the childbearing function (menopause occurs). And it depends not only and not so much on age.

During the Second World War, young girls of twenty to twenty-five years ceased to menstrue after a year or two sitting in the trenches: they depleted the body, and the body “turned off” the detailed function for the sake of saving the resource. One of them after the end of the war was restored, someone has no.

Here’s a reverse example for you. I traveled a lot to Southeast Asia and, in particular, lived in monasteries, where women’s Taoist practices are studied-techniques that allow you to accumulate energy and increase the body’s resource. Such women can maintain fertility until old age.

We are capable of a lot in our body, and even the mechanisms studied by his mechanisms indicate that menopause is an adjustable phenomenon.According to Chinese medicine, normal – if you are no longer faced with the task of giving birth – it occurs at the age of 49. How this process affects sexual relations?

Anatomical details

For a long time it was believed that female sexuality is like a male. A man has a stage when an erection fades away and his sexuality ends on this – it means that women should have a similar scenario. This reminds me of the idea of burning a living wife in a husband’s funeral stake. And the period of menopause is the best suited for the ritual “burning” of sexuality: after the fading of the ovaries, the woman’s lubrication is reduced – and this is a sign! It’s time to stop intimate fun!

Some evidence was even attached to this idea: according to studies, it was believed that female sexuality was tied to ovarian hormones, and when they stop working, libido disappears.

Modern research refutes this idea: according to them, the driver of female sexuality, like male, is testosterone. Only in men its level decreases with age, and in women it grows. This means that with age a woman becomes more sexy. Scientifically proven! Fact! Why do some ladies put a cross on themselves and say that sex is no longer their element?

Poor PR menopause

If a woman drove something into the head, then she is able to fit all the surrounding reality under this strategy-and, of course, her own state. If she explains to her for years that at this age they have not had sex at this age, she will believe – and will not be. Even if you want. Even if sometimes objectively required! Even if there is a favorite and ready for the exploits of a partner at the side.

Residents of the USSR fell into such an information field in which sex and at a childbearing age was not the most relevant activity, but after menopause completely disappeared. I propose another, more modern vision of sex after menopause – based on objective facts.

– You are calm! Young girls face a lot of experiences about an unwanted pregnancy: a constant threat of “flying away”, the selection of correct contraceptives, several levels of protection … In alarming nature, these experiences can significantly reduce the pleasure of sex. And now – finita la comedy, no more unrest! You can have sex the way you like, with the one you like, without aggravating circumstances. Don’t you dream about it? And it will be!

– You are free! In childbearing, we ladies hostages of our hormonal differences. A woman happens the same time every 28 days – and this is with a stable cycle, and if he is foster … Over the years, we get used to our mood swings, learn to control them, but still our relationship is not a very well -balanced attraction with eternal upsetsand falls.

Before the onset of menopause, our mood does not belong to us, but with the onset – we will free ourselves from hormonal storms and can enjoy our intellect, kindness and wisdom. Menopausa is the shortest way to myself and my own freedom, so I am happy to think that this period is to be, and how nice it is to know that this is just another stage of life and relations with men in it will play an important role.

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